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WMS Physical Education Coaches
WMS Physical Education Coaches
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Helen Kelchner

Physical Education

32 Years Teaching Experience, 16th Year at Workman

MA - Univ. of West Florida, BS - Auburn University

Contact Helen Kelchner  Helen Kelchner (850) 494-5665 ex: 239 6-8 Physical Education

Welcome Back to School!

This is Coach K.. I had a great Summer.  I hope you did also.  I am looking forward to this new school year and meeting new students and maybe seeing some familiar faces..  Watch this space for upcoming events.

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Grade 6-8th Co-ed Physical Education

Hey All Workman Jags (Parents, Students, Co-Teachers, .....)

     So far, so good in Physical Education land. The year started with Fitness pre-testing and learning about the 5 parts of Health-Related Fitness. We then did a Volleyball unit. The 3 skills taught in volleyball were Serving/ Forearm Passing/ Setting. We had a skills test (Serving) as 10% of our grade.  The written test included questions on volleyball and fitness with a reflection question dealing with volleyball.

     The unit we are completing as of now is Basketball. The 3 skills taught in this unit were Passing/ Dribbling/ and Shooting. We learned several new games to incorporate these skills such as the Star-Drill/ "Got-Ya"/ "Jaguars"/ and the Zone-Game. The 6th graders were given a Basketball word-find assignment due 11/20/12. This will count as a test grade for 6th graders (10%).

     The PE students participated in filling the Mayflower and helping the Manna Food Bank by collecting non-perishable food items. The Jags did an awesome job by donating over 10 boxes of food. GO JAGS!

     The next unit we will take part in is a Softball/ Kickball / Bowling unit. This will hopefully help all 'A' students in PE who will be invited to the Bowling/ Christmas gathering sometime Tuesday - Thursday 12/18-20. Then, Christmas break!!! End of semester!!! YAY!!!

Coach Kelchner's Physical Education Students of the 1st-9 Wks.

Congrats to the following students for being chosen as a PE Student of the 9-wks! They have been recognized on the morning announcements/ given a WMS t-shirt/ 2 Jag Bucks/ and their mug-shots posted in the Physical Education display case!


6th Graders:  Nick DeWeese / Summer Holman / Matthew Masuca / Zach Olson / Katelyn Price / Jewell Kelly

7th Graders:  Coonor Duffy / James Henderson / Jun Ho / Jessica Butler / Danica Landry / Natalie Santiago

8th Graders: Hiawatha Stallworth / Geetha Velasamy

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