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Our Philosophy

Emerging adolescents have special characteristics and needs that identify them as a unique group. J. H. Workman’s IB Middle Years School Programme will provide a holistic approach to education in a safe and stimulating environment that meets the needs of our diverse population.  Through higher-level thinking and questioning, through hands-on classroom instruction, through services offered by our guidance department, through extra-curricular clubs and activities, and through leadership opportunities appropriate for this age, our learners are encouraged to be responsible, independent and self-directed.  Workman Middle School has an articulate and effective program to facilitate a smooth transition from elementary to high school while providing many opportunities to develop our students’ potential.

          Each student will be encouraged to recognize his or her capacity for achievement, to develop a positive self-concept, to grow in self-discipline and social consciousness while attaining cultural understanding and respect for diversity. Beyond providing academic, social, and living skills, the holistic curriculum of Workman’s IB Middle Years School Programme will seek to develop an appreciation of the ongoing quality of all learning experiences. We hope the implementation of this framework of curriculum and sound philosophy will challenge our students to reach their greatest potential becoming productive, creative, responsible members of society in an ever-changing world. 

Mission Statement


J. H. Workman Middle School students will become inquiring, compassionate, lifelong learners. Through a challenging and engaging academic program that encourages international-mindedness, our students will attain a broad and firm foundation of knowledge, cultural understanding and respect for diversity.

district Vision


Create a school district where parents want to send their children, students want to learn, teachers want to teach, and employees want to work.

Middle School Vision


Create a safe middle school environment with meaningful educational opportunities that motivate students at all levels to achieve at their highest potential.